Bob KEiser


Bob will serve as general manager in charge of hiring, training, scheduling, and overall control of day to day operations

Bob has run several businesses in the last 40 years, his most relative experience to this venture is 8 years spent opening Burger King company stores for the Pillsbury Corporation in Denver.  This included hiring and training management, hiring and training crew, and conducting grand openings in about 12 locations.

Kathy KEiser

ASSISTANT OPERATIONS MANAGER - Customer service and employee relations

Kathy has worked 9 years as an assistant to many commercial kitchens, including Emmanuel Baptist Church, Oklahoma Bible Academy, and Falls Creek Baptist retreat.  Kathy is currently volunteering at the 580 Coffee house learning the business model for a coffee shop.

AnDy Campbell


Andy, currently co-owner of Campbell, Shaffer & Co PC., oversee all financial concerns, as well as manage the store part-time.  Bob and Andy will work together to ensure a quality experience for our customers.

Andy has 13 years of experience with Chick-fil-a corporation, including a stints as an Assistant Manger and Interim Manager at two out of state Chick-fil-a stores.

Darla Campbell


·       Customer and marketing specialist

·       Darla will also be a part time Operations Manager

·       Darla will be responsible for keeping up with social media links as well as promoting brand awareness in the community

·       Darla currently owns Campbell Therapy Services, PLLC.

·       Darla has 2 years’ experience as a waitress at Oakwood CC.  She has spent the last 12 years working with the public as an Occupational Therapist.  She has many contacts with organizations and schools which will help in creating brand awareness in the community.  Darla is also good at public speaking and will be the voice of Dandy’s